Mittwoch, 27. Oktober 2010

Alex Folzi

64935_1577834719349_1040051008_1592213_8380038_nPhotos by: Arianna Biasini

Hallo meine liebsten Leser! Es ist mir eine Ehre euch heute die beiden Gründer der Marke Alex Folzi vorzustellen. Die führende Weltmacht in Sachen Vintage und klassischem, elegantem Stil. Die Zwillinge Fela und Fola Fagbure haben mir freundlicherweise erlaubt ein Interview mit ihnen zu führen. Ich bin mir sicher, ihr findet das, was die Beiden zu erzählen haben, genauso beeindruckend wie ich.

Translation: Hello my dears! It’s an honour for me to introduce you to the founders of Alex Folzi. The world leader in vintage, classy and elegant style. The twins Fela and Fola Fagbure kindly alowed me to interview them. I’m sure you like what they are telling.   


Tell me something about yourselves?

We are Fela and Fola Fagbure a.k.a (The Fagbure Twins). We where born August 13, 1991 in Benin city, Edo state, Nigeria. We grew up in Benin/Lagos/Abuja before we moved to Canada and we are great designers, stylist, entrepreneurs, students and inspiring individuals who decided to open our own clothing line company at the age of 18 turning 19.

How did you hit on the idea to sell Briefcases and Trunks?

The Briefcase and Trunk collection was inspired by the old Northern American/European couture. We remember watching an old movie, where we saw travelers using briefcases and trunks to travel by train. Then we were like “Hey why don’t we design and make something like that because, it looks cool" and besides anyone can style with it. We designed it to be timeless, its something you can style with even 20 years from now.

When did you start your online shop?

We started the online shop June 30th 2010. That way we could cater to anyone internationally, we weren’t just looking to sell locally. That was one of our main reasons of opening the online shop.


Have you always loved fashion?

We have loved and followed fashion right from childhood. We were always stoked on getting Christmas clothes. That was our favorite day of the year. We were up for anything that could get us new clothes and everyone knew it. For us, there was never any anxiety over what to wear. We had the astonishing ability to combine anything and still look impeccable. We were magnets for anything attractive. By the time we left home to go to boarding school, it was as if we lived, breathed, and even ate fashion in all its ramifications.

How would you describe your style?

Our style changes with time. Maturity comes in, as we grow older and based on the weather condition here in Canada, there are certain clothes were can wear. Asides all those conditions, we pretty much more of urban, vintage, and ethnic. All GQ fit though.

What could you not live without?

An Alex Folzi briefcase, internet service, and my family members, friends and fans. We can’t do with out our briefcases because we still have that rush of positive energy as our first collection ever made. Basically we spend most of our free time online because that’s where we get most of our inspirations (Websites, blogs, post e.t.c). Then the most import one is our family members, friends and fans. They keep us motivated to work harder.


What are your inspirations?

We look up to designers like Billy Reid, Burkman Brothers and Brooklyn circus. We feel we have a lot in common, their designs are amazing, its something we would wear and something we would design as well. They are well detailed; you can literally say their clothes have personalities. We look forward to collaborate with these gentlemen someday, and we see it coming soon, sooner than we think it would. In terms of runway shows, we look up to Karl Lagerfeld for runway inspirations. His runway shows reminds us of the movie AVARTA. Karl pushes the barrier when it comes to runway shows, he brings his clothes to life by using the best and most talented models in the industry and by creating his own world in an already existing world.

What are your passions in life?

We have passion for fashion it has always been in us. Passion for creative, we would say we have the ability to make any empty space or piece of clothing look good. Passion for business, coming from a business oriented background we have learnt a lot and putting it into practices is one of the reasons we have come this far today.

I've heard you're coming out with your apparels and accessories before the end of the year. Is that true?

That is true, we are done with our designs now. Just to manufacture, that’s what is left. We are looking forward in getting our products out there with a unique design and look to satisfy our costumers. We intend to make fashion a personal and unique experience for people who have passion for fashion. This is Alex Folzi primary mission and goal.


What are your plans for the future?

Millions of people around the world instantly recognize and identify with Northern American/ European apparel.

Vintage/elegant wear has survived many eras. Modern cowboys herd cattle in helicopters but they still wear the same jeans, boots and hats their grandfathers wore. There will always be a future for vintage/elegant apparel. Within the past few years the vintage Northern American and European look has made a comeback in the fashion industry. Alex Folzi intends to use its place in the community to heighten the awareness of the vintage/elegant culture.

With the increase of participation and collaboration of students and youths wearing our products more people will become aware of Alex Folzi role and contribution in the fashion community.

You can look up more info for Alex Folzi on their fan pages







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