Mittwoch, 9. Februar 2011

In my bag.


Vor einiger Zeit wurde ich von einem Leser gefragt, was sich in meiner Tasche befindet und hier ist der kleine aber feine post dazu. ;) Die Tasche, die ihr im oberen Bild sehen könnt, ist eine meiner momentanen Lieblinge. Ein hübscher Vintage Schatz, den mir meine liebe Oma vermachte: Danke Omi!! xx

Translation: A while ago I was asked what’s in my bag.. so here is the post for it. The bag pictured above is my current bag of choice! A lovely, lavender Vintage purse from my grandma. xx


1. a Vintage pocket mirror!

2. a flowery scent Deodorant.

3. a cute Notebook – I love making lists! :)

4. My rosy Phone!

5. baby cream ( isn’t the little elephant cuute?? )

6. my lip balm ( Labello velvet rose )


Show me what’s in your bag! :)


  1. I love your purse! So cute. And the fact that it was a gift from your grandma makes it even more special. :) The vintage pocket mirror is neat as well. My bag right now is a black, mesh backpack with nothing of great interest in it. Perhaps I'll do a post about it but then again...maybe not. hahaha


  2. The vintage pocket mirror looks neat!

    Hope you're having a great week, A!


  3. the elephant on your baby cream is so adorable

  4. That bag is adorable, and so is the baby cream! :) I admire you to have just a couple of things in the bag as I tend to fill every bag I wear :D

  5. lovely bag

  6. Die Tasche ist ja wirklich putzig-schön!


  7. that vintage pocket mirror is lovely! <3